just a bit of inspiration...

Hey guys...
As most of you know...I'm a md here...a development pediatrician...caring of diseable children on a family-based approach at a huge rehab public hospital as my full-time job...the last 28y.
Since I was a teen I've been a weekend crafter...no formal art education....but always a lot of fun...lol...dirty jeans apron...varnish stinking....rubber stamps carved by hand...paints all over the place......short long story...a lovely BIG BIG MESS...lol

From today to July,13 I'll be out of town...another state....another rehab hospital...helping a great rehab team interviewing new doctors, PT, RN nurses, psychologysts, educators....who have applied to work on our network of rehab public hospitals.

Then I'm not sure if I will have free time on evenings to make some cut files...anyway my macbook is always by my side....if it is possible I will upload new files on evenings...if not......I will compensate my absence...when I come back home....lol

Meanwhile I'll let you with those pictures as inspiration.
This beach handbag I made a couple of years ago....when I never had heard about electronic cut machines. Its just an unnexpensive dollar store handbag...decorated with some fabric cut by hand... beige cotton...stamped using rubber stamps & FABRICO ( no affiliation)inkpads...glued using GOLDEN strong matte gel(no affiliation)....after that pressed the glued fabric cut using my hot craft iron...at last an acrylic matte varnish to finish the project. I like the color combo, the tiny rubber stamps designs....and the "fabric veneer" look...against the textured background.
Hope you get inspired by that....BECAUSE NOW..... YOU( me too...lol) have an electronic cut machine+SCAL...to give (us) a little helping hand...LOL

The polymer clay necklaces& bangle were made..... when I was used to make some polymer clay pieces 10y ago .....as you can see...asian designs have a strong influence on me...as can prove by chinese paper- cut hand carved rubber stamps....LOL

At last ....some silk scarves stamped by hand.

bye for now&take care

PS: oops...I forgot to mention...that bag was a BD gift to my mother. She loved it!


  1. You are amazing!!! An MD for kids and an MD of crafts. WOW!!! We are so blessed to have you here. Thanks for everything you do.


  2. Sarah,
    thx many thx for your sweet words.
    Hope you find some of my files useful.

  3. wow! you are a multifacetic person!!! wish you well on your trip.


  4. Have a good trip and I'll miss catching your files, but what an awesome thing you do for others! Hope you get some time to craft! Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. What lovely crafts! The bag is beautiful. Good luck on hiring the most caring people for the roles of those health care professionals.

  6. What a gorgeous bag! Have a nice trip and good luck with your awesome work !! Judit V.

  7. Oh Paulo......Such a BEAUTIFUL bag!!!! You are so truly talented!!!! I hope you enjoy your trip out of town and they learn much from you!!! I LOVE the file you're sharing with us and I thank you for it!!! Have a blessed day my friend!!!

  8. Penny,
    thx many many thx for your blessed words.
    Hope you had a great July,4th....and are enjoying your weekend with family.

  9. Blessings to you Paulo, not for your art, but for your work that you do in this world.
    God bless you sweetie,
    Be safe, take care of yourself too.
    Cyber hugs,

  10. Paulo, que legal!!! Estou indo ao Brasil, e estou levando dois sacos cheios de "brinde" que guardei durante o ano todo para criancas. Estou levando para a sessao de pediatria do Hospital em Mococa, SP (Santa Casa de Mococa). Levo tambem alguns gorrinhos que fiz para criancas prematuras. Tenho certeza que poderei tricotar alguns mais no aviao :-) (pelo menos um mais) para levar para la. Muito legal voce ter esta "valvula" (?) (portugues esta' ficando meio ruim... :-( ) de escape. Boa viagem!

  11. Luisa,
    tenho certeza que seus "brindes" chegarão no momento mais propício para as criancinhas em tratamento na Santa Casa de Mococa...PARABENS! pelo gesto, que muitos podem considerar banal, mas nós que lidamos com as dificuldades cotidianas dos pacientes e suas famílias, sabemos que gestos assim são preciosos.
    RSSSS...sim esta "válvula de escape"...de fato recarrega minhas baterias, me refaz para que esteja inteiro junto a equipe de reabilitação pediatrica da qual faço parte há 28 anos.
    Um grande abarço e tenha um tempo feliz junto a seus familiares aqui no Brasil.

  12. Paulo

    Wonderful work with your crafts. I am glad you have a talent for this hobby to help with stress.

    Bless you for caring for God's children. You will be blessed many times over.

    Thanks for sharing a bit of your life with us. I will say prayers for your care of others.

    Sandi N.

  13. you are an amazing person!! thanks for sharing yourself with us!! and ALL your talent!!

  14. Paulo, I have worked my way backwards through your blog to this point and I am so glad I spent the time here this eve.
    How wonderful you are to work with disabled children and how talented you are. I love the beach purse you made for your mother and your jewelry is lovely. I am in awe of the beautiful silk scarves that you hand stamped. The colors are amazing. Is there anything you can't create? LOL
    Now, I feel like I know you a little better.
    Oh, and you don't look old enough to have practiced medicine for 28 years. My son is 40 and you don't look any older then him. LOL
    Thanks for sharing a little of your life and art, Paulo.

  15. I stumbled across your site quite by accident as I was looking for free SVG cutting files. I am not an MD but do foster medical disabled children and at the moment have two Inuit from the North. I scrapbook and make cards in my "free" time. Your files are just so beautiful I am using some of them for Christmas. thank you so much for what you do!!