I'm baaaaaaacccckkk

Thank you guys...many many many thx...for taking your time to send me your kind words.
My gratitude to every one of you who has sent me sweet comments and words of support.
After a week of some medical office pilgrimage...lol...(at least I could see again many places at medical school I had almost forgotten) everything is fine.
For GOD sake it was not a pre Stevens-Johnson syndrome....but just a cutaneous drug reaction since I have been taking medication against high blood pressure for 5 years.
As you can suppose medical science still prescribes corticosteroids when doctors can't find a precise cause for a dermatologic disease...even not agreeing with them...I have to confess the medication made its effect quickly...so after 4 days of use I was free of that itchy stuff....and today I had my last examination.
From now on I have to keep my skin moistured...lol...but I didn't have promised that to my cute dermatologist...you know how guys hate to use skin products...except shaving cream...and I'm not an exception...lol.

Now...I have to finish a bunch of cut files I began a couple of weeks ago.
Have a blessed week....and happy cutting


  1. Paulo

    Oh happy day...Paulo...is back! Speaking for myself I have really missed you. I could not begain to understand how much pain you were in. Really happy for you it is over. Kind of a aggervating to have to put on lotion daily. Someone needs to invent spray on lotion...LOL

    Here in the midwest gardens are overflowing with goodness. I have been busy cooking salsa, stewed tomatos, pepper sauces, corn and zucchini.
    Lots of great things to eat over the cold winter months.

    Have a great week!

    Sandi N.

  2. WElcome back. I am glad to hear everything is better for you. Have a wonderful day

  3. Je suis ravie de te revoir parmi nous et en bonne santé
    Porte-toi bien
    Amitiés de France

  4. So glad you're feeling better!

  5. So glad to hear all is well and you can resume what you enjoy doing and we're so thankful you do!

  6. glad you are back and all is well...daily lotioning is very doable when compared to other alternatives! :) Welcome back!

  7. so glad your back and feeling well!!

  8. I'm so glad you're feeling better.


  9. Paulo!

    Que ótimo que você está melhor!
    Deve ter sido um período bem penoso.Mas passou e graças a Deus você está bem e de volta!
    Seja bem vindo ao mundo, novamente!!!!!!!

  10. votre SVF are beautifull! Merci.
      Une Frensch