sorry guys...

since I got a terrible skin rash last weekend from a medication I was taking as a sinusitis treatment...it was impossible to remain in front of my Mac
Every square inch of my skin itching& burning ...with a lot of tiny blisters. I was scared because never had that problem before...if I was taking medication or a different food.
So I went to see a friend dematologyst this morning and I hope her treatment works quickly... you know...I have a lot of new cut files to be finished.
Have a blessed week,


  1. UGH! hope all is better soon that doesn't sound very fun...

  2. Paulo, I hope you feel better soon and have a speedy recovery..

    Wishing you abundant blessings,

  3. OH Paulo!!! My heart breaks for you. I have had that happen from an "overload" of preservatives in commercial spaghetti sauce!!! I can feel your pain. It's good that you're a Doctor...therefore, well connected with the other disciplines. I have sinus trouble as well. Have you ever tried a Neti Pot? Works wonders and really helps cut down on the number of sinus infections!! You might want to consider this if you have alot of trouble with your sinuses. Oh...by the way, not only do I "play in art", I'm also an RN here in the US!! Hope you feel better soon. Can't wait to see the new cut files. You always amaze me with your talent!!! Hisses, Rockin Robin

  4. omgosh! I hope you get better soon! :( that sounds horrible!! Here's to a speedy recovery! Take care of yourself.. We'll just have to be patient while you get better and make more of those kick @$$ files! :)

  5. Oh poor Paulo. Our family said prayers for you last night and lit a candle.

    I am not a doctor, but our family has very sensitive skin. Here are two suggestions that might give some relief.

    Use pure aloe plant. We can buy them at stores here. I just cut off a leaf and split it. It has a goo inside great for blisters. Here is a photo. http://www.freeherbpictures.com/aloe-herb-pictures.htm

    You could also try an oatmeal paste for the itching. Here is a link on how to make it. Make sure you stay in the tub on this one. If you get it on your carpet it is hard to get it out. http://www.allergyfree-gardening.com/tips.php

    I am so sorry you are suffering. This reaction sounds horrible. I bet you are so tired from not sleeping.

    Take Care
    Sandi N.

  6. oh man that does sound horrible!!! hope your feeling better soon!!!

  7. Paulo,
    You take care of yourself! My mother had the same thing and it could've been life threatening! Although you are a doc, you should know! Is it Steven Johnson's syndrome?
    love hugs and prayers

  8. tous nos voeux de bon rétablissement de la part
    des amis de france

  9. Sorry to hear of such a bad condition!! Pray it'll soon be over! We miss your files but your getting better is far more important! Keep you in my prayers!

  10. Oh Paulo how miserable you sound. I hope the meds kick in soon. Feel better

  11. Just read your message. It must be teerible. Take care and get well soon.


  12. je te renvoie à nouveau tous mes voeux pour une rapide guérison de la part de tous les amis français

  13. Oh, Paulo. It must be terrible (i have a skin allergy too but it doesn't sound as bad as yours). PLEASE take care of yourself. You are in our thoughts and prayers!!


  14. Sorry to hear about your health problems. Hope that you're feeling better by now. Take good care of yourself and rest!


  15. Ugh! Sounds like no fun... But I do like your illustration. Very descriptive.

  16. Hope the treatment works. How uncomfortable you must be.

  17. Oi Paulo, Espero que esteja bem melhor. Que coisa!!! -luiza

  18. Paulo, I am going to have to visit more often. LOL

    I have you bookmarked now so I can.

    I did NOT know you are a doctor so I learned something new about you today.

    My father-in-law had a reaction to a med and broke out in tiny blisters all over and then his skin peeled. I felt so sorry for him as he had Alzheimers at the time.

    I pray the new meds help quickly.