just a cute frame with a bow hanger....

this cutting file has two layers:
the bottom one: HERE ...and a top one: HERE
Hope you find it useful as an embellishment for a page or a vinyl wall sticker...
Happy cutting!


another 2 cents embellishment...

a 3 layers flower:
bottom layer HERE
middle layer HERE
top layer HERE
Hope someone find it useful.


lunch break here...it's time for uploading another cutting file

A couple of months ago Leslie has requested me a japanese bridge cutting file in order to create a scrapbook page... I guess.
Now I'd like to show her the results of my first tryings....
yeap I know Leslie...still not made from the pictures you have sent me...but just a free interpretation...
My suggestion to get the subtle japanese colors on this landscape is to use an appliance named
sprayza airbrush system( NO AFFILIATION!!!)...or similar


after you have glued your paper cuts on your surface.
sprayza is very unnexpensive...and you can get a great airbrush effect using several watercolor markers.
Leslie....hope you like those files ...using them at least when planning the best composition for your page.
japanese mountain background HERE
japanese bridge HERE



just a name card to be used on a Halloween table....or basket...or....
It has three layers... the first one green HERE
second one black HERE and
third one purple HERE
using a glow in the dark marker set or a silver marker/pen to write the words ...is a "must"



lunchbreak here.... so I've time to upload one of the cutting files I've made last weekend.
That retro cute witch...has a pin-up accent...what makes her trendy...lol
If you like it...please get your files on HERE and HERE


a cool embellishment to be added to ....

an asian themed project. It has two layers on a same svg cutting file: HERE
Hope you like it as I do.



I've think about this card to be made with a bottom black layer HERE
then after you have score the card in half.... some top elements must be added...I mean...an orange liner to be glued on the right... inside the card... so it would work as the owl&moon silhouette's background.
Besides that a tag with greetings.... comes on the front of the card...having three layers...a gray one... an orange one... and the last.... a purple one with cut-out words. HERE

Since it's a BIG card I've made the cutting files on a 12x12 mat.
Hope it helps.
Happy Halloween guys!

decor element

just a simple decor element to be used as an embellisment on your card or page...or...some other craft project.
Its a two layers cutting file: HERE
so you can choose the your color/pattern combo to give it a bit of your soul&talent.
Happy cutting!


lotus card

the last cutting file I made last weekend.
Hope you like it.
If so get your file on HERE

now it's time for one more doily...

that's a two layers DAISYDOILY.
if you like it...please get your cutting file on HERE.

coffee break here......the right time for BEST WISHES...

that's my suggestion for a cute card project.
It's a two layer cutting file:
the plain color bottom one and a top layer I think it could be unusual and cool to be cut on a patterned paper(not the usual pale beige bone color...lol)
After both layers are cut and glued you can tie a REAL narrow red satin ribbon bow to the wishbone...then glue the element on your front page card...finishing with the words.
If you like my suggestion...please get the cutting file HERE


yeap...almost AUTUMN there...SPRINGTIME here

so I've made that acanthusleavesborder to celebrate nature's flaming colors
Hope some of you like it also. HERE

many weeks ago I've shared on here an AUSTRALIAN SHEPHERD...

silhouette I've made for Linda a hobby breeder of Australian Shepherds.
Besides the silhouette cutting file I have worked on a paper piecing file to be used to etching some "souvenirs" for their Nationals which is a very big event.
Then take a look please...... what GORGEOUS artwork Linda made!
Congratulations LINDA! you rock... talented lady!
I have to apologize on here...since I didn't finished all the Australian shepherd paper piecing file...just the head one. When it's done I'll share the paper piecing cut file on here, OK?
Anyway Linda.... with her TALENT... made it possible.
Thank you Linda for sharing that wonderful picture with us.


in order to match the previous flourish bordered hearts.
If you like them get your cutting file on HERE

just one more heart...lol...I promise you...lol

I won't upload a new heart cutting file the next 3 months...lol
The second flourish bordered heart has two layers...the bold bottom one and the top one as a flourish frame...so you can make several combinations on your project.
If you like it please get your cutting file on HERE

sorry guys...I know it's NOT the right time for Valentines celebration...

but I couldn't resist to play with some scrap vectors that were left from my previous heart cutting file.
So please bear with my hearts...lol.
I think they resulted cool enough to be shared.
Hope some of you like them also.
get your cutting file HERE

just another scalloped lacyheart

hey guys,
since I was playing a lot on Inkscape last weekend...here it goes another scalloped lacy heart.
if you like it please get your cutting file on HERE

half doilie

just another simple lacy doily you can be using as a big scalloped embellishment to a party wall decor... or if you like it small...as a lower layer to a paper piecing flower bouquet...in this case you must cut it twice....I guess.
Happy cutting.

another double scalloped lacyborder



coffee break card

It's a 2layers cutting file. The first one having the cup of coffee cut outs.
The second one has paper piecings you can cut on different pattern papers to be glued behind the "cup of coffee windows".

peaches on a branch...

still working on same design...HERE


a two layers element...you can use a plain paper to the top one and a fancy chiyogami light paper as the bottom layer enhancing the fruit, leaves and branches shapes...using some opaque color mists, inks or crayons.
Happy cutting.
get your cutting files on HERE

since halloween's coming....

I've got a lot of requests to make some cute cutting files on this subject.
My first one a cute paper piecing lil'witch is on HERE



sorry guys I know I'm still in debt with some of you. Please bear with my delay.
I'm in processing of moving to another condo...I bought 3y ago...old&bigger than my new one.
So I've a terrible backpain after carrying a lot of heavy boxes...full of books last weekend.
Shame on me for not letting the right guys do that job by himselves. I just can't see anyone doing a simple work without giving a little help...it's the way I got from my family.
Meanwhile I've finished that Deborah's asian daisy. It's a two layer cut file.I'm sure it will add a great accent to her project.
If you like it also..... please take yours on HERE and HERE.
Hope all of you are having a blessed week.


updating my requested cut files...

as you know I still have four requested files to be finished/done....after that.
Hi Sally...hope you like your butterfly pierced page. As I did before I added another colorful page behind the pierced one....since I think it's the best way to get the butterfly design pop-up.
If you like it also...please get your cut file on HERE

I think this file can be used on a 20x20 card...or even to embellish a squared box lid.