my last weekend craft fun

Hey guys,
I was committed to a philantropic Xmas trees auction here ...so I was on a dead line to finish my contribution.
The challenge was.... each person could to use most recicled materials. We get some little inexpensive "naked" xmas trees....and had to dress it with handmade ornaments.
I've used cardboard+melted platic bags+ BrownUTEE&Ranger's melting pot, Stazon ink+polka dot rubber stamp+ MS loop punch on white medicine cardboard box+ golden glitter glue.... to make my cupcakes.
Snowflakes were made of melted transparent bubble plastic&flatted air-cushions....fused cut and refused using a regular craft iron on a teflon beige craft mat.
Cut some one-way orange juice containers on my Cricut Expression....some on my Sizzix Big Shot...a bit of emboss...another of Perfect Pearls&airbrushedwatercolor...tah-dah...my recicled Xmas tree was finished. Hope you like it.
The auction will be next weekend at a mall here.
Now I can get back to my Xmas cutting files...
see ya


  1. Paulo dear...
    You have been missed.
    Prayers for you and stay healthy and safe.
    The ornaments are awesome.

  2. Lindo de viver!!!!!!!!!!
    Ficaram muito lindos teus enfeites, Paulo!!!!!!

  3. Paulo...you go Doc!!! Recycled materials?? It doesn't get better than that, and, it looks FANTASTIC!!! You "da man" Paulo. Love it. Rockin Robin

  4. Here hoping for the highest bid on your tree! Best wishes, Paulo!

    Carmen L

  5. Paulo

    Your Christmas tree is amazing!!! You did a wonderful job desiging all of your works on the tree. Love your color theme too.

    Sandi N.

  6. Oh Paulo!!!! Your creations are AMAZING!!!!! LOVE the way the trees turned out!!!! I hope your auction is a huge success....you've really been missed my friend!!!!

  7. Beautiful! and very clever! :)SuzySunshine

  8. Paulo, your ornaments are fantastic and one of a
    kind. I hope you do wonderful at the auction.

    We sure have missed you, Paulo, my friend. Hope your back to stay for awhile.


  9. absolutely beautiful tree....let us know how the auction goes.