OMG....what lovely creations those Talented Ladies have made...

using some of my blog's cutting files.
Penny Duncan:
who has honored me with a special button on her blog...GOD bless you Penny!


Angela...What a cute bookmarker you have made! Luv it!...and thx many thx for sharing.

 and Maxine from MTC Forum....Congratulations Maxine....Love your art work. Thx many many thx for sharing it with us.

Thank you ladies...you've made my day!
These beautiful art works are the reason for spending all night long during weekends "cleaning/deleting" "tons" of nodes in Inkscape...lol
Have a nice day!


  1. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I am SO HONORED to be shown on your blog...THANK YOU so much sir!!! That bookmark is SO CLEVER!!!!!!! I too LOVE Maxine's wall display.......it looks SO GREAT!!! You create GORGEOUS intricate files!! I just LOVE them!!!

  2. Yes....these are beautiful and stunning. Thank you for the inspiration and bring Paulo's work alive. Wow!

  3. Paulo! how wonderful to see my pic on your blog. the honor is all mine! And to be in the same company as Penny Duncan really floors me! Love Penny

  4. Paulo, I don't say thank you enough - I love your creations and the talent that you share.....Continue to help others - and share your talents and THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU