Dovesdoily...a paperpiecing embellishment to your project

It has 10 files....so please bear with my details when cutting...

Ddoily BASE file: HERE
Ddloily TOP file : HERE

ddoilyeyes file BASE: HERE
ddoilyeyes file TOP: HERE

ddoilyflowers file BASE: HERE
ddoilyflowers file TOP: HERE

ddoilygreen leaves file: HERE

ddoilyorangeleaf file: HERE

ddoilywings file BASE: HERE
ddoilywings file TOP: HERE


  1. Love this design....thank you so much. You are a great artist for SVGs!

  2. this is absolutley beautiful! thanks so much for a terrific piece of art :)

  3. Just beautiful. Thank you so much.

  4. Paulo,
    You never have to apologize for your files.
    They are lovely.
    10 pieces to them or 200.
    Thank you dear,

  5. This is beautiful, Paulo! Thank you!

  6. Oh, Paulo--this brought back such a rush of happy memories. It reminds me a great deal of the Papercutting that I saw in Poland. I absolutely love, love, love it and you can be sure that I will use it to make some very special gifts for the special people in my life.
    Hugs to you! Laura (aka quicklabs)

  7. this is the best site I have EVER seen! THaNk YOU SO much! I am in love with your designs. I just spent hours growing and enjoyed every second of it. You RocK!

  8. This will make a beatiful gift for a special friend. Thank you, Paulo! You are the best!