romantique flowers to Mary

Mary, from one of my yahoo e-groups was asking for some cut files to help her to make  punched flowers.
I've trace the first three ones...hope she find them helpful

romantiqueflower#1: HERE

romantiqueflower#2: HERE

romantiqueflower#3: HERE

to make one flower you must  cut  at least 3 sizes of each file...bending the petals sides... following the cut marks towards the centre...after that stack them properly..the big one, then... the medium one and finally... the small one.
Put a button or similar embellishment holded by a string.... passing through the tiny center hole.
You can get the complete instructions on here: 


lisae1073 from SCAL-Users a yahoo e-group...

was ISO.....tattered leaves cut files...
So I've traced these stacked autumn leaves just for her.
Hope you find them useful lisae1073.

autumn leaf-1: HERE

autumn leaf-2: HERE


LENORIA KELLY 's card....wow...amazing beautiful

Congratulations Lenoria ! Your art work is impressive.
Thx many many thx for sharing with us.

I am attaching a card I made using your swirly round frame, but is made it into an oval and used the bottom for my top and cut out the center and inserted my picture under the swirly cutout.  I applied Gelly Rolls clear star pen to get a little sparkle on the frame and swirls.  Thank you for the pattern and I love it and hope to use it again soon.

CINDY's darksideangel....luv that!

Thx many many thx for sharing your wondweful art work . Luv it!
Congratulations and once more thx for sharing with us.
Pls guys take a look at CINDY's picture:

Dovesdoily SEAMLESS TILES...several PNG files

 just click over the picture and RIGHT CLICK to "SAVE AS"

Dovesdoily...a paperpiecing embellishment to your project

It has 10 files....so please bear with my details when cutting...

Ddoily BASE file: HERE
Ddloily TOP file : HERE

ddoilyeyes file BASE: HERE
ddoilyeyes file TOP: HERE

ddoilyflowers file BASE: HERE
ddoilyflowers file TOP: HERE

ddoilygreen leaves file: HERE

ddoilyorangeleaf file: HERE

ddoilywings file BASE: HERE
ddoilywings file TOP: HERE


ChinesedragonSEAMLESSTILE +12X12300dpiscrappingbookpaper

To download just click on pictures below then RIGHT CLICK to "SAVE AS".