Thanksgiving cornucopia

with two layers:
a bottom one : HERE
a top one : HERE
Happy cutting!

bunch of autumn leaves for....

a bit of dimension...lol
On my previous post on here when I've uploaded the SWILY WREATH cutting file I mentioned that it was a very basic wreath design and you could add some elements on it to get a more dimensional accent.
So HERE it goes...a bunch of leaves shapes to cut on different patterned papers...paying attention on your color combo...or
if you like same color leaves you can emboss the cut outs...using different embossing plates designs...enhancing the embosed designs with light& dark contrasting color paints/inks.
After that take your bone folder... curl some of them and glue one by one on your swirly wreath making your personal composition.
When it's done you will have a gorgeous dimensional Autumn wreath to hang on your house front door.


love how Yana..an UKRANIAN young lady has used this cutting file

please take a look at her gorgeous blog: HERE
Thx Yana...many thx for using that cutting file so beautifully.
Congratulations for adding your special creative talent to a simple design.
I'm honored for letting me know that. Love it!

Hey Guys:
here YANA says how she has built that effect:
"I made a small cut in the pumpkin, lined it up with some non-sticky tape to prevent moisture from the pumping from getting to the paper and inserted the paper. very simple :)"
hope it helps.


swirly wreath

that's a basic wreath you can embellish it using several elements depending on your needs...I mean...you can make it... a harvest wreath...a xmas wreath....an easter wreath...and so on...
it has two layers:
the bottom one: HERE
the top one: HERE

Autumn trade mark...lol

this maple leaves element has two layers
the top one: HERE
the bottom one: HERE

since this element includes three leaves in one piece ...my suggestion is to use different natural hues on the bottom layer to enhance the autumn colors of each leaf

Best witches...my last Halloween cut file...at least this year...lol

this element has two layers:
a black top one: HERE
and a purple bottom one: HERE

... just to let you change the letters' colors... using a plain or a patterned paper


another lil'witch

I've made a lil'witch previously with a cartoonish look...now I'm uploading another one...this time with more realistic style...lol
It has a purple Bottom layer: HERE
and four Top layers:
the black one: HERE
the skincolor one: HERE
the green one: HERE
the silver one: HERE

Happy Halloween...n best witches...lol



I got this project from the hospital art teacher who found it at her mom's craft library.
Since she had only a copy of the picture I couldn't give the credits. She promised send me the book reference so I will be uploading it on here.
You must cut one design then mirror it on SCAL...cut another piece.
Following the guiding line illustration score the RED and BLUE lines ( red are "valey" folds ... blue are "mountain" folds). After that glue the back of one cut out to the back of other.....following the yellow area where you can put a bit of glue.
After the glue is dried...you can fold all the scoring lines in a such way that the pear pendant ornament gets a 3D look.
At last... hang it... attaching a nylon thread through the tiny hole.

pear pendant ornament cutting file: HERE




from my FALSH(foralessscary/spookyhalloween) cutting files serie...lol...a harvest wreath silhouette
the top layer : HERE
the bottom layer: HERE


requested FALSH scarecrow cutting files...

Patt a very talented lady from one of my SCAL e-groups have asked to me for making a
FALSH(ForALessScary/SpookyHalloween)scarecrow....lol......so here it is...lol.
Hope you like it Patt. It has 3 layers:
a purple Bottom one: HERE
an orange Top1: HERE
and a black paper piecing T2: HERE


cute polkadotribbon...a gift for Carol P

a polkadotribbon always add a cute accent to almost all projects...I guess...lol
then I had to make a cutting file for sharing...and the top layer is HERE .
Carol P ...it's a gift for you.....I'm sure many of you will make a very creative use of it.
BTW...I made a plain bottom layer HERE just in case you like to have the polka dots on a different color than your background.


the cutting files don't have the folding pattern included... so after cutting it you must follow the folding guide illustration in order to score, fold and bend it... inwards the card.
The bat has a kinda "big nose" you must bend it inwards also... first over its face... but keeping the big nose's tip upwards.
Please pay attention to the "mount" and " valley" folds...I'm sure you can get it easily!
When it's finished you must open the card in a way.... the bat arises from the flat surface having that big nose pointing in your direction.
cutting file HERE

I was playing around this past weekend...

with some swirly shapes on Inkscape...then this gift tag emerged....lol...I think it resulted a bit fancy...so I decided to share.
If someone like it also... please take your cutting files.
It has three layers:
a bottom one : HERE
and two top layers: HERE ...and... HERE

PS: I let the central upper detail as a cut out ...just in case you'd like to use a ribbon to attach this tag to your gift box.


To who it may concern...lol...I've said it before....

and repeat it now. I don't make any cutting file during my coffee break. Right?
I take my short coffee break JUST for uploading the cut files I've made the last weekend...
when I'm off ...and can spend ALL NIGHT LONG... on Inkscape if I like it.

Since Halloween's coming and I couldn't face it without the cutest witch by my side I've made
this Madmadamim paper piecing CF.
It has a black bottom layer: HERE plus
five top color layers: lightpurple: HERE ... darkpurple: HERE ... redpurple: HERE
skincolor: HERE ... at last a green one : HERE

Hope some of you like it as I do.

By th way...love this lady's Halloween costume (got searching on google)...darn cool, isn't it?

a garden door element

an intricate cutting file that can be used as an element to embellish a scrapbooking page or a card...HERE
If you choose to make a card I think it can't be shorter than 6"X6"...better 8"X8"


just a simple paperlace...

that you can use it as it shows or for a more fancy look you can add a real narrow satin ribbon matching your project color combo... interlaced in and out in the middle line little windows...



halloween ornament...

short coffee break here...then it's the right time for uploading another cutting file from my laptop...this time a halloween ornament... still thinking of owls...lol....but this time a guardian owl : HERE
It must be cut 4 times on a black cardstock, fold in half and glued one by one around a black string so you can put it hanging on your doors ...windows...etc...or just add it flat as an embellishment to your halloween decoration project.
Happy cutting!


short coffee break....then another cutting file

this time a swirly drop element which has two layers.
the bottom one: HERE and the top one: HERE
happy cutting!

just another damask element...

if you like it get your files on HERE ... and ... HERE


a baroque label

this elegant baroque label has two layers:
a top one: HERE
a bottom one : HERE
hope you enjoy it.


just another doily....this time a daisydoily#2

which has two layers:
a top one: HERE ... and ..... a bottom one: HERE
Happy cutting!


doilie flower...

I keep this design after making the getwellsoon card...now it takes a new look as a doilie flower to
embellish your papercraft project.
Still thinking that if you spend some time embossing the center of the flower it gets a very interesting& dimensional look.
Besides that the doilieflower for itself can be used in several ways.
If you like it please get your file HERE (doilieflower).... and..... HERE (doilieflower center).