I had to finish this logo paper piecing file...since it seems so cool.
Hope you like it also...and make a lot of creative use of it.

my BIG THANK YOU cut file

well...you know...usually I'm not into "cutesy" stuff...lol...but it's not carved in marble...lol
so there are cute things we can't resist....and that is the case.
In order to try to say to ALL OF YOU....THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT the last week...I've made this cute paper piecing "monange" cut files....I mean ...1 BOTTOM file HERE+ 4 TOP files:
Hope you enjoy using it as I did while making it this evening.
Have a blessed week.

I'm baaaaaaacccckkk

Thank you guys...many many many thx...for taking your time to send me your kind words.
My gratitude to every one of you who has sent me sweet comments and words of support.
After a week of some medical office pilgrimage...lol...(at least I could see again many places at medical school I had almost forgotten) everything is fine.
For GOD sake it was not a pre Stevens-Johnson syndrome....but just a cutaneous drug reaction since I have been taking medication against high blood pressure for 5 years.
As you can suppose medical science still prescribes corticosteroids when doctors can't find a precise cause for a dermatologic disease...even not agreeing with them...I have to confess the medication made its effect quickly...so after 4 days of use I was free of that itchy stuff....and today I had my last examination.
From now on I have to keep my skin moistured...lol...but I didn't have promised that to my cute dermatologist...you know how guys hate to use skin products...except shaving cream...and I'm not an exception...lol.

Now...I have to finish a bunch of cut files I began a couple of weeks ago.
Have a blessed week....and happy cutting


sorry guys...

since I got a terrible skin rash last weekend from a medication I was taking as a sinusitis treatment...it was impossible to remain in front of my Mac
Every square inch of my skin itching& burning ...with a lot of tiny blisters. I was scared because never had that problem before...if I was taking medication or a different food.
So I went to see a friend dematologyst this morning and I hope her treatment works quickly... you know...I have a lot of new cut files to be finished.
Have a blessed week,


another requested cut file...

this time just a simple chocolate yummies pack. HERE
Hope you like it Laura....and make a great use of it.
Please follow the scoring pattern to score&mount.
I guess a fancy golden ribbon bow is a perfect embellishment... attached to the handles... matching a piece of yellowish transparent cellophane paper... glued behind the "heart windows".
Happy cutting!


REQUESTED australian shepherd silhouette...

as an AUSTRALIAN SHEPHERD hobby breeder Linda requested a file that could be used as a vinyl mask for etching glass.
If you like it too, pls take yours on HERE

PS: I'm still finishing an AUSTRALIAN SHEPHERD paper piecing I've promised to her. Hope it can be done tonight.
If so I'll be uploading it on here tomorrow. Maybe someone else would like to use it also.

for those of you who prefers just a border...

you can get your file on HERE

a simple geometriclacyribbon...

to add a "filigreean" accent to your project.
bottom layer(B): HERE
top layer(T): HERE


lunch break so...more of Sandi's amazing beautiful artworks

First of all CONGRATULATIONS SANDI!... you rock talented lady!

One of her cards awarded Flicker Explore on 8/15/2009.

Since I've been so glad knowing more of Sandi's gorgeous artworks I can't resist to upload more of her great pictures. She has been so kind sharing them with us.
I'm sure they will inspire the best of our muses.

As I 've said...my files are just my 2cents.
Then I love to see how the talented people who visits SCAL e-files are making creative use of them.
I've to confess I don't have free time enough on weekends to use them as I'd like. Perhaps after my retirement in 2017...lol
Meanwhile if you like some of your projects... using one of SCAL e-files, please send me a picture.... I'd love to share it on here. Thx in advance.


I'm so honored about that...

I've to add this SANDI'S GORGEOUS CARD picture. WHAT AN AWESOME BEAUTIFUL CARD she made. I was speechless looking to how she has included some of my blog's files.
Thx many many thx for sharing your amazingly beautiful artwork.

Sorry Sandi if I was invasive doing that but please try to understand that I got so excited for seeing your gorgeous artworks that I couldn't resist and not showing them on here also.
Who knows that way people visiting SCAL e-files don't be afraid of cutting the files ?

As I always have said...they are just my 2cents....everyone getting them adds a sort of soul to them...and that's a real amazing job...as we can see on these examples.

So Sandi.... I'd like to say you on here...how honored I am...seeing the cut files transformed on such a beautiful paper art. You are an amazingly talented artist! Congratulations!
Thanks many many thanks Sandi N.



As suggested/requested by DeeDee yesterday....here it is...the loop corner to match the loop border I've uploaded previously.
If you like it , pls take your cut-file on HERE

could you please let me know what file you have found problems?...missing parts or something like that ? I couldn't locate it after reading your comments yesterday. Thank you for letting me know that.

Pls if someone else find problems with blog's cut files, please let me know in order to fix them.
Thx in advance,

the dottedglobepoplabel cut file is fixed. I guess I just forgot to upload the T-layer because I found it quickly among my cut-files folders. Happy cutting !


I'd like to THANK ...

everyone who has visited my blog letting a lot of SWEET comments.
THANK YOU very very much.
Hope you can find some of the cut-files useful.
In order to show you my gratitude I decided to choose one of you to dedicate a file.
Then I've chosen Sandi N. to represent you.
Since she has written on her comments that she likes butterflies I named this one SANDI's butterfly.
If you like it... please get your two layers cut files:

loopborder...of course, it was made by request...lol

I always have looked for less common designs and shapes...in order to make cut-files...maybe that's the reason why my files are not so popular.
The first question that comes to my mind when I upload a new cut file on here is:
How many people will ask me about the time the CE will get to cut that file?
So that's what happens very often....lol...and I don't mind.
I got my CE because SCAL exists...not the opposite!
Then once in a while I make a file by request...a file very easy to cut....even if it's not matching my preferences...lol. Perhaps because I'm not a scrapbooker.
This loop border is the case...and I know it's very popular among cricuteers...lol
If you like that, pls take yours on HERE


ribbondance-3....bookmark or card...or...lol

patterned/embossed top layer: HERE
plain color bottom layer: HERE

PS: please don't forget...LOL
the real satin ribbon is the coolest accent on this project.

ribbondance -2....bookmark or card

patterned/embossed top layer: HERE
plain color bottom layer : HERE

PS: LOL...please...don't forget to add the real satin ribbon to your project

ribbon dance bookmark-1

I guess this two layers ribbon dance cut file can result on a cute bookmark or even on a cool card....when you attach a real satin ribbon ...as a finishing accent to this project.
the patterned or embossed top layer : HERE
the plain contrasting color bottom layer: HERE


for those who prefer to use just the circus flower

pls dowload the two layers cut file:
HERE ... and ... HERE

during my lunch break....uploading a circusflowercard

since this cut file reminded me something related to a circus device so I've named it circusflower.
I made a three layers card:a midlle layer with a top layer& a bottom layer

If you cut the square bottom layer on a colorful patterned paper/fabric...I'm sure you'll make the
circusflower mesh pop-up on your card

"chinoiserie" mood....lol

a two layers chinese porcelain flower vase...HERE ...and... HERE


asianbaroque header

hello SCALers,
I've always loved this mix....a baroque style with some asian accents...so I've made this cut file this weekend.
If you like it get yours files HERE ... HERE



depending on the sort of patterned paper/fabric/ vinyl you get ...a simple shape can be transformed on a vibrant background to a card or a page...

PS: if you'd like to try cutting fabric on a Cricut machine, pls follow this tips I got from the cricut forum: HERE





if you use an origami pattern paper or even an colorful patterned fabric I guess you get best results...like that obi fabric I've used as a sample.


WOW...it could be a great idea for a beach house tablecloth...or maybe a cool T-shirt

some favorite silhouettes here...

I've chosen some of my favorites silhouettes to be sharing on here.
Jellyfishes remind me some sort of moving lacy balls ...lol...so I guess these cut-files could be used as accents on an under the sea themed page....so I mixed some caribbean green paint and added a colorful chintz patterned jellyfish silhouette...as a sample.
If you like it grab yours on HERE