my last weekend craft fun

Hey guys,
I was committed to a philantropic Xmas trees auction here ...so I was on a dead line to finish my contribution.
The challenge was.... each person could to use most recicled materials. We get some little inexpensive "naked" xmas trees....and had to dress it with handmade ornaments.
I've used cardboard+melted platic bags+ BrownUTEE&Ranger's melting pot, Stazon ink+polka dot rubber stamp+ MS loop punch on white medicine cardboard box+ golden glitter glue.... to make my cupcakes.
Snowflakes were made of melted transparent bubble plastic&flatted air-cushions....fused cut and refused using a regular craft iron on a teflon beige craft mat.
Cut some one-way orange juice containers on my Cricut Expression....some on my Sizzix Big Shot...a bit of emboss...another of Perfect Pearls&airbrushedwatercolor...tah-dah...my recicled Xmas tree was finished. Hope you like it.
The auction will be next weekend at a mall here.
Now I can get back to my Xmas cutting files...
see ya


pilgrimcouple'sprayer...a paperpiecing THANKSGIVING card

..."sight"...lol....I can't believe I've finished this paper piecing card after I got home from work tonight.
Hope at least some of you like it. HAPPY THANKSGIVING guys!
It has  a black bottom layer: HERE

...and six top layers.....I mean...

a skin color one: HERE
an ochre one: HERE
a white one: HERE
a dark gold: HERE
a brown one: HERE
and at last a dark ochre grass: HERE
I've added a liner layer HERE....plus a high resolution jpg picture of some autumn leaves: HERE....just in case some of you decided to print & cut  the liner following my suggestions.
I hope you find a beautiful prayer or a psalm to place as sentiment  on this THANKSGIVING card.


Sorry guys...I've been so busy at hospital....

working hard with my rehab team planning what changes we'll make on our schedules next year to improve our work with diseable children&their families...I forgot to check my e-mail-boxes...so please bear with me. Hope next week I can finish a batch of new files I have began last weekend.
I'd like to send my apologies to Nitti...since only tonight I've seen the wonderful pictures she sent me ...having the black bat card cutting file she used to make great halloween cards for her little daughter.
So only now I'm uploading one of them.... love the silver marker BOOs her little gem made on each card.

Thank you Nitti for sharing this cutecard with us.



just a cool wreatheadsilhouette to add a harvest accent to your craft project.
If you like it please get your cutting file HERE



it has two layers:
the bottom one: HERE
the top one: HERE
after cutting just hang it or add it to your harvest craft project.
Happy cutting!