boykissingirlsilhouette....that's a cute element



base layer: HERE
middle layer: HERE
top layer: HERE


two more t-shirts....I made last night

As I 've said....I made two more t-shirts....cutting fabric on my Cricut Expression and on my Cuttlebug...using Sizzix dies.
Today is Claudia's BD...she is a dear friend who has worked as PT(Physical Therapist) on my rehab team.
Since she loooovveeeee her schnauzer puppy Lolita....I got some pix from her...printed some inkjet transfers....and embellished with fabric cut outs from my Cricut Expression&Sizzix dies.
Hope she likes those Tees as much as I do.

BTW....I usually follow these instructions when cutting fabric on my Cricut:

Step 1
Prep the fabric to be cut—Assuming you know the size of the shape you'll be cutting, cut a piece of fabric the correct size for your design. Cut your fusible backing to the same size as your fabric. Iron on your fusible backing to the wrong side of your fabric. I used Heat&Bond . Freezer paper is another option...it is helpful because it becomes stiff after you iron it onto the fabric and makes it easier for the Cricut blade to cut through in clean lines and it keeps the fabric from bunching up and creating a mess. If you choose to use it, iron the Freezer paper to the right side of your fabric.

Place your fabric on your Cricut Mat. If you are using Freezer paper, place fabric on the mat keeping freezer paper side up. If you are not using it, place the fabric on the mat keeping fusible backing side up. When you have your fabric positioned on the mat, take your blue painter's tape and tape all sides down to the mat. You can use regular masking tape, but it doesn't come off the mat so easily and might pull up the sticky from your mat, so always use the blue painter's tape. Now your fabric is ready to be cut.

Step 2
Load your mat into your machine. Make sure the pressure is on max and your speed is on minimum. Cutting fabric with a regular blade can be done, but it's probably best to use a deep cut blade. IF you are using a regular blade, at least make sure it's brand new or nearly brand new. If you cut fabric with a dull blade you might regret it.

Choose your design and size, press cut. Stay by your machine and watch it cut, just in case the fabric comes up and snags on the blade. If you're right there you could save the design by pulling the fabric back down so it can finish cutting.

After your design is finished cutting, unload your mat and take your fabric off. Remove the freezer paper. Place your design on your onesie or burp cloth and iron on.

Embellish with buttons, embroidery floss, or whatever you fancy. Enjoy!


Valentines'ironfence element

Base layer: HERE
Top layer: HERE


so much fun cutting "heat&bonded"fabric....lol

yesterday my BBF Zeelda and I met at my mom's condo to make her Evolutions of the Schnauzer T-shirt. Since we began that project late at night (so much fun.... talking,having yummies&special ice-creams...etc...)....so we have finished that t-shirt around 4A.M.
Poor Zeelda... looking almost sleeping in that picture...but soooo happy!

We decided to make another one for our friend Claudia ...as BDgift....next weekend.
Too bad we have to eliminate the baby's silhouette....since we didn't pay attention to Tee's measures...lol
Anyway after some trial&errors...I think we were succeeded.


heartydoilytag....or label....lol

base layer: HERE
1sttop layer: HERE
2ndtop layer: HERE

Hey guys, please take a look at...

Laura's blog....and see what she has made with Romanticoachsilhouettecuttingfile:
Love how she has built the design in order to get a 3D look. Very clever&talented lady.
Congratulations Laura and thx many thx for sharing.


Monogramgiftag........a humblegift...I mean

Hey guys...after visiting the wonderful pages from Mrs Tracey Mason's blog

I'd like to thank her ...I mean ... she 's written she decided to buy SCAL after checking my blog. My goodness!It made me speechless.
Surely I dont deserve such a big compliment.
I'm just a hobbyst here...who used to have some fun.... tracing cutting files on Inkscape.

Please believe me... I'm not all she have said. Then I decided to send her my gratitude...uploading this simple cutting file. Hope she likes it :

base layer: HERE
middle layer: HERE
top layer: HERE

I think those baroque shapes ...if used as plain silhouettes many times give us good results... getting a bold& fancy look... I mean ...as if we were upgrading such old style designs.
If you cut some cool patterned paper as your base layer... the gift tag gets a more contemporary look... I guess.
Just my 2 cents...lol

PS: this cutting file can be used on a bottle or a jar too... I mean if you like etching glass...just add your receiver's monogram...the gift is done.


scallop dot border


op-art heart element

base layer: HERE
top layer: HERE

seedsmesh element

base layer : HERE
top layer: HERE

PS: the base layer is a cool way to use some patterned paper scraps...I mean...just glue some patterned paper stripes on your Base layer cut out...
so the stripes' width adjust to the seed mesh "windows"...
or by the other hand just make a random "collage"...and check it in order to get a great  color combo


Petit Schnauzers evolution...lol

My BFF Zeelda has asked me last week to make a T-shirt for her... using that design.. she had seen on the web some time ago.
Since she is the real caregiver of those two silvered pearls you see on my pic... I couldn't say no...lol
I tried to do my best...then I decided to share it on here. Hope you like it also.

EOTS: here


Nance'srose...a paper piecing element

Nance is a sweet lady from  SCALhints e-group. She loves roses. They are her favorite flowers.
So when she is looking for a new rose cutting file  it's a great time to trace something for her.
She always left a lot of her sweet comments on here also. Love to read them.
Nance...hope you like that rose cutting file and make use of that.

light green Base layer: HERE
dark green Top1 layer: HERE
pink Top2 layer: HERE


Happy Birthday Penny Duncan!

I've made this humble post&cutting file...  just to send my congratulations to Penny Duncan....a very talented artist, a precious human being...besides that.... our "SCALhints" yahoo e-group owner.

Penny , hope today you are having a Blessed&lovely day with your family and friends.
You deserve the best in your life. Thank you for being who you are and for all you have done to our e-group.

HBDPD base layer: here
HBDPD top layer: here


damask label element

base layer: HERE
middle layer: HERE
top layer: HERE


base layer: HERE
top#1 layer: HERE
top#2 layer: HERE
top#3 layer: HERE



base layer : HERE
middle layer: HERE
top layer: HERE

sweetheartcard...and liner

sweetheartcard: HERE

If you like to add a patterned paper liner or even a plain one (matching with your color combo, of course...lol)... to stamp or write your words...you can get it : HERE

a nestoflove...having Bjork's "Unravel" song as my soundtrack...lol

you can listen to her amazing beautiful&extraordinary performance ...in " alla capella"way...I guess

"while you are away
my heart comes undone
slowly unravels
in a ball of yarn
the devil collects it
with a grin
our love
in a ball of yarn

he'll never return it

so when you come back
we'll have to make new love "


my nestoflove cutting file you can get HERE

folkheartelement...pls bear with my romantic mood...lol

if I could relate that folk art element with a song...
(almost always I like to have a music surrounding me when I'm tracing files on Inkscape...so my iPod is always turned on)
...the first one coming to my mind is :

Peter, Paul and Mary - The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face

...which is another favorite song here.

what a great video, isn't it?
They look so well dressed...so chic... so elegant...besides the amazing beautiful performance. I guess Mary has a  Francoise Hardy( another favorite singer) look.

Then...lol... let's go back to the cutting file:
base layer: HERE
1sttop layer: HERE
2ndtop layer: HERE


cutenestedpopframe...or tag...as you like it...lol

base layer: HERE
1sttop layer: HERE
2ndtop layer: HERE
3rdtop layer: HERE   (just in case you like to add a portrait picture)
4thtop layer: HERE

youareabrightstarinmylife valentine'scard

a.k.a. starry starry heart....lol...just because it reminds me a favorite song: VINCENT (Don McLean's big hit in the 70's)
I dedicate this cutting file to my BFF Miriam Nadim Abou-yd a WHO(World Health Organization) awarded doctor and a very talented psychiatrist here.... besides a wonderful friend who has introduced  this amazing beautiful song to me many years ago.
We've studied&gratuated at same class on medical school.

base layer: HERE
top layer: HERE
words layer: HERE



base purple layer: HERE
1sttop cherryred layer: HERE
2ndtop green layer: HERE



(DL LINKS FIXED)succeededcupid...another paper piecing element

base black layer: HERE
1sttop red layer: HERE
2ndtop black layer: HERE
3rdtop skincolor layer: HERE
4thtop lightbrown layer: HERE
5thtop lightblue layer: HERE
6thtop redbrown layer: HERE
7thtop purple layer: HERE