kewtiekissilhouette....a sweetelement

KKSilhouette: HERE

kindergartencupid...a cute accent to your Valentines project

KDGcupid Baselayer: HERE
KDGcupid T1layer: HERE
KDGcupid T2layer: HERE
KDGcupid T3layer: HERE
KDGcupid T4layer: HERE

Valentine'sStarframe...anothercutelement to your card or page

VSF Baselayer: HERE
VSF Toplayer: HERE


redroseheart...another PNGgraphic for P&C...enjoy!

PNGredroseheartgraphic: HERE

SVGredroseheart-cutemplate: HERE

Following the suggestions from the Talented&MorethanClever, Kay...if I use SCAL...I still make use of her hinge cut method plus the cut template I've traced in Inkscape previously. 

Please take a look at her video:

Visit Kay's blog here and learn a lot from her tutorials and cool ideas:

In MTC... Print&Cut is a very easy process and I don't need any cut template made in Inkscape...MTC DOES ALL FOR ME.


Doodlelovelement...a fancy accent to your Valentine'sproject

DLelement Base layer: HERE
DLelement Top layer: HERE

Valentine'sgiftag-1....another Print&Cut project

VGT-1  PNGgraphic: HERE
VGT-1 cutemplate: HERE
VGT-1 Baselayer: HERE

...another P&C VRWlabel-2 (EDITED UPLOAD)

same instructions as the previous one.

VRWlabel-2 graphic: HERE
VRWlabel-2-cutemplate: HERE

As Quinceyface has asked me for the winebottle graphic or cut file too....I decided to upload both.
So here they go:

winebottlePNGgraphic: HERE

winebottleSVGsilhouette: HERE

Valentine'sredwinelabel....a perfect match for romance

Since it is a Print&Cut element...I've traced the cut template in Inkscape...so guys using SCAL could get a
better adjustment when cutting the printed graphic.
Usually I made my cut templates tracing the cut lines in a such way that the graphic jagged edge(pls take a look at the detail picture below) is kept outside cut-out....resulting in a more clean cut and accurate element.
The label graphic is a PNG 300dpi file...I mean a very good resolution graphic for printing.
If anyone is tempted to try making this project I'd love to have some pix in order to upload on here.

VRWlabel-1graphic: HERE
VRWlabel-1cutemplate: HERE


retroboy'sface...a cutelement

RBF base layer: HERE
RBF top1 layer: HERE
RBF top2 layer: HERE
RBF top3 layer: HERE

Love is...papertatting a Valentine'sDay Heart...lol

PTH Baselayer: HERE
PTH Toplayer: HERE   (fixed again)

As this layer had problems before I decided to add the MTC and SCAL files also:




Bobbi from one of my yahoo e-groups was loking for some baroque corner she'd like to cut on grungepaper and.... after that emboss it using some goldembosspowder&aheatgun.
She had searched on here but didn't find anything....then I've decided to trace a baroquecornerset just for her.
Hope this set works on her project.
If someone else would like to download it also here it goes:

baroquecornerset : HERE

Valentine'squarenvelope...just in case...

if you've chosen to make some of the previous Valentine'sDay shaped heart cards I've uploaded ...then I suppose you need a square envelope for them....so here it goes.
Hope you find it useful.

BTW...it has a liner too...if someone else prefers it showing a patterned paper inside.

Valentine'squarenvelope: HERE
VSEliner: HERE


Diversilhouettes for a school team...

Robin from SCALUsers yahoo e-group was looking for some divers silhouettes for cutting....so I decided to give a little help tracing those. Hope she finds them useful.

diver#1: HERE
diver#2: HERE
diver#3: HERE
diver#4: HERE
diver#5: HERE
diver#6: HERE
diver#7: HERE
divingcylinder: HERE
divemask: HERE
snorkel: HERE
swimfins: HERE

nestedheartscard....just another Valentine'sDay card

base layer: HERE
liner layer: HERE
T1 layer: HERE
T2 layer: HERE



base layer: HERE
liner layer: HERE
Top1 layer: HERE
Top2 layer: HERE