Bohemiancupcakewrapper...a lovely request

Last year , I got a lovely request from Nance an adorable lady from one of Yahoo e-groups I am part of.
She asked a cupcake wrapper for her niece/nephew wedding celebration...with a Bohemian accent.
UNFORTUNATELY(... I was so "upsad" that time for not finish this cut file in time...SORRY Nance) it  was not ready for cutting before the date.
As I've saved that unfinished file on my Mac... I've found it again among my in progress cut files folder last Saturday.
We know... it doesn't work anymore...for the specific reason why it was made...but I decided to finish it anyway.  Maybe someone else could find it useful.

It resulted with two layers....in case some of you prefer to have it with a liner.
top layer: HERE
liner layer: HERE

Sorry Nance, it was my fault,pls accept my apologies ...you always deserve the best in your life ......such brilliant lady you are...(love your great sense of humor too..you know that).
By the way I have cut my first cupcakewrapper... one of MONICA's wonderful wrappers for my favorite sister Easter celebration....you know...her yummy banana&oat&chocolate cupcakes deserved the best wrapper design...lol 
I used patterned cardstock....my Bosskut gazelle had to be out of its box...lol... and a Spellbinder's cross die....running on my Big Shot machine.
As it was a last minute project...lol...I mean... I'm not used with cook stuff...I've to make use of one Sizzix die in order to cut the liner ...lol.

Sorry for my bad cell phone pictures also.


lunchtime here...that's the right time for uploading...

a vintage border message card cut file.
If you like it , please grab yours on HERE
Have a blessed week.



 a "weird shape label"...just to add a lot of embellishment on it... HERE
or cutting shapes...from several different patterns...but having same color hues....bedides that
as it's nested...you can add some tiny diagonal slots on the corners...if you like to insert a blank card.
Have a Blessed Sunday.


OMG....what lovely creations those Talented Ladies have made...

using some of my blog's cutting files.
Penny Duncan:
who has honored me with a special button on her blog...GOD bless you Penny!


Angela...What a cute bookmarker you have made! Luv it!...and thx many thx for sharing.

 and Maxine from MTC Forum....Congratulations Maxine....Love your art work. Thx many many thx for sharing it with us.

Thank you ladies...you've made my day!
These beautiful art works are the reason for spending all night long during weekends "cleaning/deleting" "tons" of nodes in Inkscape...lol
Have a nice day!



a cool friend during your reading times.
It has two layers:
the plain color cardstock base: HERE
the patterned cardstock top: HERE

glue top layer over the base one and use to bookmark your page.
Have a nice week!          



stackedlabels....just a little reminder...lol






Hi guys,
still touched by so many sweet comments you've sent to me ...YOU'RE AWESOME
I've to say I MISS YOU TOO...wish I could be on here as before.
What else I could say ?....maybe my retirement is closer than I supposed....lol...so I will do as many cutting files I'd like.
Since Springtime is almost gone I'd like to share this Damaskbouquet cut file...HERE
I'm sure you will make a great use of it.
Have a nice weekend. See you asap.




Hey guys,
I'm so sorry 'cause I've been away for the last months...you know...I'be been working a lot at hospital to keep the new out-patient clinic project the way our team had planned it last year.....BUT....
when I got home this evening I felt my hands itching...lol.... for making something on Inkscape....I couldn't resist....and then....
those simple dahlias came .... just to send to all of you a BIG THANK YOU ....for bearing with that absent blogger I've turned. Sorry!
Hope you can find these cutting files useful.

orangedahliasvg: HERE

redahliasvg: HERE

dahlias'leavesvg: HERE