Xmas in July...lol...sorry for my bad pix...I was in a hurry

I've finished the first set of several xmas ornaments we make every year to the hospital's Xmas trees.
I've chosen a design from a Cricut cartridge...cut on some coconut water oneway containers.
After that they were embossed, then got a thin layer of shellac in order to hold the golden glitter glue...what worked very well.
Previously I've used the glitter glue straight on the silver cardboard which has a thin layer of plastic...but it didn't hold the glitter glue after it dryed.
Each one of these pieces are going to be glued to each other ...so we get a front&back silver ornament....and attached to the Xmas tree using a fuchsia ribbon bow.
Now I can plan the second set.....lol...hope we have cool ideas using weird materials...since GREEN CRAFTS is a "must" nowadays


a simple ribbonbutterfly

if you like it...get your cut file on HERE


WOW!!! Award!!! :D

Crafty90 has graciously presented SCALe-files with this lovely award.
What a such sweet gesture, thank you very much Crafty90.
To pass this award along, I am only allowed to choose 15 other lovely blogs.
So many wonderful blogs to choose. Thus I've decided to make a big list of all my favorite fab blogs and ramdomly picked just 15.
If you see your blog here, collect your own award, post it, and send out the same award to 15 new blogs. Post a comment on those blogs letting them know that they have won an award.

Then the lucky 15 list:


a simple flourish border...

I've made that last night while I couldn't have free time enough to finish a bunch of new cut files I've began last week. Hope I can finish some of them this weekend.
If you like it get the bottom layer on HERE and the top layer on HERE


still LOL here....PAISLEY BORDER

since one of scalhints yahoo e-group talented ladies had misreading my PARSLEY BORDER's title...what resulted on a bunch of laughs here and there...I promised her to make a REAL PAISLEY BORDER....
So HERE it is.
Hope you like it, Susan...lol



a delicate flourish heart to add a bit of romance to your card or page.
If you like it get your cut file on HERE

Lavienrose sunglasses....still on a "hearty" mood here...lol



romance is in the air ...HEART FRAME

I've finished yesterday night this heart frame I began to make before my work trip a couple of weeks ago. Since I'm back home....on a cozy enviroment...lol...I decided this must be done.
Hope you like it and make creative use of it.


made by request-3


PS: it's an awesome effect when some origami or some patterned paper is added as a bottom layer behind the overlay.

made by request-2


made by request-1

since a talented lady from my yahoo SCALhints e-group had requested those card size overlays...
I 've decided to share them on my blog also.
Hope you can find them useful.

PS: from now on when I'll be planning some new overlays I can't forget that many people use 6X12 mat not a 12X12 one.


15 flower shapes...

after cutting them on different color/patterns materials...you can combine...compose...stack...
getting several amazing beautiful flowers
get your cut-file clicking on HERE

lacy snowflake chain...

is a very fancy chain...hope you like it

lacy border

if you cut it on a white vellum or even on any white paper...I'm sure it will add a real sophisticated accent to your project
get yours HERE

an elegant parsley border...


chinese cinnabar element...a two layers cut file

to add a classy accent to your asian themed craft project

katazomeflowers-2...other 12X12 overlay


katazomeflowers-1.....a 12X12overlay


cherryblossombirds 12X12 overlay


a katagami camellia cut-out...

that can be used as a card embellishment...changing the color or pattern of the bottom layer ...or even used as a freezer paper stencil in order to decorate a T-shirt with fabric paints.
get yours HERE


a classical swirl ornate...

just to be used as an embellishment on your page or card... or maybe as a T-shirt apliquee...
if you like it click on HERE to get your cut-file

pop sunflower paper piecing

I made this file because this design reminds me the kitchen tile pattern of one of my aunts country house...where I used spend some days on vacation during 70`s....learning to play with my first bike...how I was happy...that time...lol
If you like the cut file get yours HERE


just a simple oval label...

just a two layers swirly oval label
hope someone find it useful
get it on HERE/ICI

Sainte Thérèse de Lisieux

cet un des mes premiers fichiers ... pardon.... mon dessin non est tres beau/bien fait....je utilizee pour adorner une carte de "Heureux Aniversaire" pour ma mere ... 82ans derniere Novembre...(Sainte Therese est la preferee de ma mere).... quand je ne savait pas bien comme faire les vectors dans Inkscape.

traditional asian corner

if you're planning to make an asian themed craft you must get that corner HERE