Xmas in July...lol...sorry for my bad pix...I was in a hurry

I've finished the first set of several xmas ornaments we make every year to the hospital's Xmas trees.
I've chosen a design from a Cricut cartridge...cut on some coconut water oneway containers.
After that they were embossed, then got a thin layer of shellac in order to hold the golden glitter glue...what worked very well.
Previously I've used the glitter glue straight on the silver cardboard which has a thin layer of plastic...but it didn't hold the glitter glue after it dryed.
Each one of these pieces are going to be glued to each other ...so we get a front&back silver ornament....and attached to the Xmas tree using a fuchsia ribbon bow.
Now I can plan the second set.....lol...hope we have cool ideas using weird materials...since GREEN CRAFTS is a "must" nowadays

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  1. wow...what a great idea..I have a recycling mind too...love to make things into other things...love your ornaments..