since Sheila has requested just a simple leaf cut file....

in order to embellish her 3D flower projects....I had to a add some little branches...lol...
Have to agree  the green leaves are perfect frames for flowers.

simple leaf cutting file : HERE
little branches cutting file : HERE

OMG....so much talent from those ladies...I'm so honored here

Hey guys,
take a look please  at those gorgeous art pieces Pat, Nelda, Sheri and Karin have made.
Congratulations ladies! Your art pieces are awesome. Love them.
I'm so honored besides you have made use of my blog's cut files you 've sent those great pictures.
Thx many thx for your kindness..... flattered here.

Pat's card ( from MTC Forum)

Nelda's photo frame

Karin from Puerto Rico....her blog here: http://suenosenpapel-karin.blogspot.com/

and Sheri in Texas ( from MTC Forum also)


DADYOUAREMYSUPERHERO...my last Father'sDay card...lol

It has a base card layer, a card liner layer ( you can cut it twice...I mean...one on a plain color or patterned paper that must be glued behind the front page...another one must be cut on a light paper glued on the right inner page... where you usually write your words... )...and 4 embellishment top layers.

DYRMSH card base layer: HERE
DYRMSH card liner layer: HERE
DYRMSH card T1 layer: HERE
DYRMSH card T2 layer: HERE
DYRMSH card T3 layer: HERE
DYRMSH card T4 layer: HERE

Three requested newnestiessets.......pls grab yours Anne

Hope they work for you.

Nunestieset-1 : HERE
Nunestieset-2 : HERE
Nunestieset-3 : HERE

#1fangifttag....aFather'sDay element

#1fangiftag base layer: HERE
#1fangiftag top layer : HERE

HAPPYFATHER'SDAYshirtcard....a lunchbreak upload...lol

since it's my lunch break I'm uploading this HFDshirt card. Hope you find it useful.
It has a base layer + four top layers:

HFDsc base layer: HERE
HFDsc T1 layer: HERE
HFDsc T2 layer: HERE   ( you can shadow it a bit using your Distress Ink pad+blending tool)
HFDsc T3 layer: HERE
HFDsc T4 layer: HERE


COLORGUARDgirlsilhouettes... requested cutting files

Debbie is a proud mom of three beautiful daughters...so she requested some Color Guard girls cutting files in order to embellish some scrapbooking pages.
I'd like to thank you Debbie...for your patience. I've delayied a lot finishing those cut files.
Still hope you  use them.

CGgal-1: HERE
CGgal-2: HERE
CGsisters: HERE
CGgalsline: HERE


cupnsaucer...a 3-D project

Linda from one of Yahoo SCAL e-groups was looking for a project similar to that...so I traced those files hoping they could work for her.

cup file : HERE
cupbase: HERE
cupborder: HERE

cuphandleR- base layer: HERE
cuphandleR-top layer: HERE
cuphandleL- base layer: HERE
cuphandleL- top layer: HERE

saucer: HERE
saucerbase: HERE
saucerborder: HERE

yellow= glue
red= score&fold



this cutting file was traced in a way you can use the B layer as a shadow for the T layer that has " marks" besides
its "body" so you can score and fold the butterfly wings....getting a kinda 3-D accent on your project.
Hope it works for anyone who likes it.

FB base layer: HERE
FB top layer: HERE

WOW...another LOUISA DUBOIS's masterpiece

Louisa Dubois from The Netherlands sent another masterpiece card picture...
She made it using the peony cut file. Congratulations Louisa!
Love how she builts the flower using a patterned paper. Awesome result....besides the wonderful color combination of course.
Thx many thx for sharing your gorgeous creations.

guineapig paper piecing.....a requested cutting file

Since Pamela has requested a guineapig cut file I've traced that paper piecing one hoping it works for her.
It has a Base layer and 3 top layers. I guess it could be cute if the first and second top layer are made from a
patterned paper....depending on the color combo you'd like to your project.

GPbase layer: HERE
GP T1 layer: HERE
GP T2 layer: HERE
GP T3 layer: HERE



a couple of hours ago someone was looking for a palm tree cutting file on one of  Yahoo SCALgroups.
Since a palm tree reminds me my favorite beach here in Brazil...where I love to go on my vacations I've decided to trace a brazilian palm tree silhouette as a souvenir from my favorite brazilian beach.
Too bad last time I've been there... 8years ago. It's 1200 km or about 746 miles far from my home.
I'm sure  everyone who makes this trip has an amazing reward at the end.
You can have an idea clicking on here: http://www.corumbau.com.br/

Pls grab your  SVGpalm tree silhouette on HERE 

oops...I've made a mistake here...

the border Sheila has requested is not the previous one but that one I named summerfun.
So HERE it is ...the summerfunborder. Sorry Sheila. Now you have both....lol

another Sheila'srequest....mybeachborder&corner

MBborder: HERE
MBbordercorner: HERE

MBsquare baselayer: HERE
MBsquare toplayer: HERE


An elegant envelope

elegant envelope: HERE

it has tiny slots in order to attach a narrow satin ribbon bow
blue dashed scoring&folding lines
orange gluing areas

my first Bind-it-all project...

I have to confess I was not sure after getting my Bind-it-all ....if I will have fun with it ...or not...lol
Last weekend finally I decided to try it. In order to make a simple notebook as a gift for one of my BFF...her name is Hindy. She's my Godson Tomás's mom.
My big challenge here was that I've chosen the more cheap materials I could find among my craft stuff....I mean I took some "trash"...lol...as ordinary brown cardboard....and a lot of empty brown paper bags I've saved from my supermarket shoppings....lol ...at last  some old natural color cotton...I have tried some of my silkscreens...made previously for my polymer clay projects.
Then...some Tim Holtz's Distress Ink( tea dye)...some Ranger's UTEE+ Melting pot...a silicone mold from a coral I got from my last vacations at my favorite brazilian beach...I mean....8y ago...( too bad...) and a golden string. I couldn't forget a bunch of asian rubber stamps I got from Stampfrancisco a couple of years ago....and some MS border punches, of course...lol
I've printed some of the brown paper bag pages on my HP laser printer .

(oops NO AFFILIATION with any craft product mentioned above)

I think it resulted pretty cool...and I have a lot of fun making it at my mom's apartment....( I swear I've cleaned all my mess when it was finished....lol).
Hope my BFF likes it.

Louisa Dubois from The Netherlands...has sent me her gorgeous

loopy dahlia card. OMG...what a talented girl she is...Congratulations Louisa!
Love the project...materials,&color combo.
Hope she keeps sending me her new creations. I'm sure I'll love them all.
Thx many many thx for sharing your wonderful artwork Louisa.


Latticedoily....it can be used as a lattice frame as well

Lattice doily base layer: HERE
Lattice doily top layer: HERE


CGL border: HERE
CGL corner: HERE
CGL square: HERE

Dadyouaremymoviestar....a retro Father'sDay paper piecing element

dark brown base layer: HERE
tanned skin color T1 layer: HERE
white T2 layer: HERE
light pink T3 layer: HERE
gold T4 later: HERE
olive green T5 layer: HERE
brown T6 layer: HERE
teal T7 layer: HERE     (you can use a patterned paper on here...as a hawaiian shirt for example).