Talented Ladies showing their art work...

Elisabeth created this AWESOME etched&stained glass window.
Congratulations! What a beautiful art work you have done! ...and thx many many thx for sharing this stunning piece. I'm more than honored for choosing one of my blog's cut files.

Erika has used one of the color guard cut files to make these wonderful place cards for the annual band banquet. Congratulations Erika your art work is so classy . You rock ma'm...and thx many thx for sharing with us.


  1. Gorgeous projects! That stained glass is inspired...such a beautiful idea.

  2. Elisabeth and Erika's work are outstanding! Great way to show all the things we can do with your files.


  3. I really love love love the stained glass/etched piece! The place cards are a wonderful work of art as well. Thank you for sharing such wonderful work. Now to find where the instructions for the etched glass is.