going GREEN...

I've cut some fused plastic embellishments using my CExpression.......they seem TYVEK cut-outs.
Take a look at here:


I 've not explored its full potencial yet...I mean....dissolving the color advertising letters on plastic bag outer surface using some nail polishing remover on a cotton ball for example...or painting them with Ranger alcohol inks and/or STAZON ink pads/reinkers... even nail lacquer as I 've seen this guy doing on xmas ornaments....
I know it seems a messy tecnique but I think I'd like to try it....mostly for the red nail lacquer hues...just painting the nail lacquer on some fused plastic flower petals....to embellish a card.


In order to cut the fused platic sheets I've used a very sticky mat...and/or some blue tape/painter's tape to adhere the fused plastic sheet (it can become a bit wavy after the plastic bag are fused) on the cricut mat....knife: 5, pressure: high, speed: high...in order to cut these cartridge simple designs. It cut like butter.


  1. bellisimo!!! TFS

  2. siii... d'accordo.... in realta una idea molto interessante veramente.

  3. Paulo

    Very cool ideas. Thanks for posting the links.

    Sandi N.

  4. Thanks for sharing, Paulo. Such a great project.