I think this cherub element can add a sacred accent to your  Xmascard or page. Since it comes as a pair I'll upload the LEFT side cherub soon.
It has 3 layers:
a bottom layer: HERE
a middle layer: HERE
and a top layer: HERE

Hope you like it as much as I do...since it reminds me my childhood...
at a little portuguese baroque town here in Brazil:

sorry for the photo album...lol...just got excited here...looking to these pix I got from someone else Flickr albums.
wow...I've found even one pic where we can see my family's house where I lived all my childhood and...where my mom still stays 15days every month since she got a condo for herself 3y ago... same city my two sisters&me have been living the last decades.

At last... some pix of our main church where we used to go to the Christmas mess with its baroque organ filling the atmosphere with amazing sounds besides the thick clouds of incense smelling so good ... beautiful memories of my childhood Christmas time.


  1. Wow Paulo!
    You sure grew up in a very beautiful place! Thanks for sharing these pics!


  2. Beautiful town! What a beautiful place to live......so clean.........and artistic! Thanks for sharing with us!

  3. Fantastic pictures, so different from the
    Midwest of USA. You don't have to apologize
    for putting personal pictures on here. We love
    learning more about you.

  4. No wonder you are inspired all the time.
    What a wonderful way to grow up.
    Thank you for sharing part of your life today.

  5. OH Paulo, how beautiful your home town is, and the inside of your church is fabulous. I couldn't imagine living in such a beautiful countyside. I even showed your pictures to my
    dh. Thank you for sharing your home with us, Paulo. It's so interesting seeing where you
    spent your childhood.

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  7. Thanks for sharing your files. The pictures are beautiful.

  8. wow! what a dreammy place to grow up in. The pictures are fantastic and the city seems to be filled with history.

    Thanks for sharing, Paulo.

  9. What a wonderfull place to grow up in. Thanks for sharing. I was here for the first time, and i have to say that you make beautifull things you make, thanks for sharing


  10. Paulo

    Oh how I need a vacation. These photos inspires the mood to travel. Love seeing these photos and learning more of your hometown. I like the style of the homes with the mountains in the background.

    I live in the middle of no where, mid-west USA. We do have a great vineyard close by and
    lots of horse farms, with white fences all over.

    Again, thanks for sharing.
    Sandi N.

  11. Wow. It is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Ah! Mineiro também??? Eu amo isso aqui, tenho orgulho deste patrimônio...um abraço.

  13. Thank you for sharing your home with us. What a beautiful town to live in. The church is magnificent.

  14. just found your pics. they are beautiful. thanks for the look into beautiful places and time. how neat to see your old home in someone elses shots.

  15. Wow Paulo...what a beautiful place to live and the church is awesome. My Catholic church I attend doesn't ever compare to your cathedral. I love where you lived. I want to go to Brazil and see the beautiful places. I love like towns and villages too...unique.