WOW..I've found one of my favorite star ...unfinished ...lol

Yesterday my secretary found one of my favorite star...old&unfinished....lol.... at the hospital warehouse...where all the Xmasdecor elements keep saved when Xmas celebration is over.
Then I hang it on the children's studio screen folding and took this picture:

it was made of hard cardboard...then stamped in white with a big  Rubberstampede swirl stamp...
 two of the points I made some golden marker swirls following the white stamped ones...others I glued some punched golden paper stars over the white swirls.
LOL...that picture remainds me a heavy "naïve" Xmas decor....a lot of texture and color at once...lol
Besides that she found a big victorian cherub element I made of hard cardboard (those days never could think about an electronic cut-machine...lol)
I'm sure that 6y ago I already loved recycling
I stamped the handcut cardboard with a large rubber stamp I carved from a 12X8 hard rubber plate.
First using some gold ink over the raw cardboard...and then an indian red ink....keeping the design a bit out the  registry...in order to give the cut out a sort of dimension....I guess.


  1. Paulo

    I really like the star and angel. I bet it
    was lovely on the tree. Fun to find old

    Sandi N.

  2. What lovely treasures to find that you had
    forgotten all about. I bet they look beautiful on the tree.


  3. how cool!! its neat to see things you forgot about from years ago!! thanks for sharing with us!!